Automotive - IPE - Industrie-Plastic Elsässer GmbH

IPE a member of ITW Group
Saarburger Ring 11
D – 68229 Mannheim
+49(0)621 / 48 02 53 – 0
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Wide range of products in the automotive sector

IPE is a leading international development partner and supplier to the automotive industry as well as a pioneer and technology driver for the mobility of tomorrow. IPE's mission is to make mobility more efficient, environmentally friendly and comfortable by further optimising the developed products, advancing the use of alternative materials and at the same time laying the foundation for the broad acceptance and widespread introduction of the components in the automotive sector.

The product portfolio, based on a broad system competence, covers all important issues along the product portfolio and air-conditioning technology with cooling systems and components, filtration and thermal management. Added to this is the know-how for components and systems, so that IPE also offers integrated system solutions according to customer requirements for electromobility.

IPE products are installed in at least every second vehicle worldwide. IPE components have also been used on the world's racetracks and off-road for decades.
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