Powertrain - IPE - Industrie-Plastic Elsässer GmbH

IPE a member of ITW Group
Saarburger Ring 11
D – 68229 Mannheim
+49(0)621 / 48 02 53 – 0
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We are globally positioned

ITW Automotive is a customer-focused, financially stable, Fortune 200 global manufacturer offering sophisticated, engineered and cost-saving, advanced components. We promote fuel economy by improving powertrain system performance and reducing vehicle mass and parasitic losses, based on best-in-class development and testing resources.

The Powertrain Components division has high-precision injection moulding, insert moulding and overmoulding production capabilities which include rigorous continuous improvement measures and shortened time-to-market. ITW is globally positioned with a solid engineering and sales team that has more than 100 years of experience in successfully bringing highly engineered products to market in large volumes worldwide.
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